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Model PPC3 and PPC5

This product is no longer in production.

Pentek® PPC3 / PPC5 Variable Frequency Drive Series

Pentek® Pump Controllers provide innovative pumping solutions for maximizing pump functionality, optimizing pump system design and reducing operating energy costs. The Pentek PPC3 and PPC5 Pump Controllers are programmed with the Pentek Assistant and pre-jumpered, providing ease of setup for constant pressure applications. The Pentek Assistant defaults to pre-defined parameters and prompts the user for application-specific information. The ‘Help’ key activates parameter descriptions, providing easy reference to the programming guide. 

Pentek PPCs can be used on all centrifugal motor-driven pumps including close-coupled motor drive, frame mount, submersible and lineshaft turbine pumps, in a wide range of applications.

Key Features
  • Pentek Assistant - Guides the user through the setup process for constant pressure applications, taking less than 2 minutes to program; allows for local or remote operation. Includes Macros for both submersible and above-ground pump applications. Includes system harmonics evaluation process.
  • Auto-Restart Functionality – re-starts pump after power loss
  • Easily configured for constant flow applications by adjusting 2 additional menu parameters
  • Multiple System Setpoints or Operating Condition – includes 2 independent process control setpoints to allow operation under a second process
  • Time Function supports 4 Daily and Weekly START/STOP/BOOST times


HP Ratings:  From 1 - 200 HP

VOLTAGE:  230, 460, or 575

FREQUENCY:  50/60 Hz

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